50plus-skills membership – Why should you join?

We are now a few months into launching this new community platform and I would like to share with you what I have observed and some comments from members.

We have a vision of individuals 50plus joining this community to learn, serve and earn. To be able to connect with others, network and collaborate. To market their skills, learn new ones and find interesting places to serve. The community includes both individuals as well as organisations serving society.

Our half day workshop is a critical piece of the community. Our experience so far is that individuals love the learning, meeting new and diverse individuals and having a place where they belong. Here are some comments from members:

Networking, questioning if I am doing enough with my time and what legacy do I want to leave.

I am motivated by the foresight the founders had. I believe more work needs to be done to concretise the rest of the population on preparing for the second phase of life.

A great start to great things to come. Love the warmth, vast experience and learning opportunities from members

Our NPO members offer great insights and opportunities for members to both understand the complexity and challenges facing society as well as an opportunity to cross a safe bridge to serve in an environment and offer value. We have 7 national organisations that have joined, and we are already experiencing the connections and collaboration happening between individuals and these wonderful organisations.

We have had our first online learning fireside chat with member, Peter du Toit sharing his expertise around digital literacy skills. These virtual sessions with a variety of subjects that will interest different members will build learning, awareness and opportunities. The sessions planned will be for members by members and in this way, we are offering both learning and earning opportunities.

There will also be face to face sessions offered locally for members to connect, chat drink coffee and engage in possible collaboration. The first such session has already happened in Cape Town.

There are many that still need to earn in this next season of life. The challenge with the changing world of work is that in most cases this will be done as a consultant or entrepreneur rather than as an employee. The people you meet, the learning from members and the opportunity to fine tune your niche market and offering are key ingredients for this success. We as individuals are personally responsible for this journey and this is a tough one to walk on your own. In this community many are dealing with similar challenges and together we help to build your path in the right direction for success.

The members receive weekly communication with articles, ideas and success stories.

We are happy that this is a growing community of committed citizens wanting to learn, serve and earn. We invite you to join us on this exciting adventure. It is about the power of numbers. Together we can achieve much more than we can on our own.