The season to explore, travel and engage.

Do you dream about a life beyond your corporate career to be able to travel, engage and learn about different cultures around the world? A fabulous social enterprise has been designed to assist with this process. A social travel club for the over 50s. It is called The Freebird Club

We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”
– George Bernard Shaw –

The Freebird Club is an Irish start-up that has won numerous awards over the past three years. They are building the technical ability for travellers over 50 to host others like themselves in their homes as well as the opportunity to search and find hosts to stay with when travelling. An Airbnb for the over 50’s. The difference is that is more of a social travel club than just a place to stay.

50plus-skills is partnering with The Freebird Club in South Africa to grow the awareness of this model and to give hosts who want to register and engage an opportunity to earn, share and learn from travellers around the world.

The process is one of verification both as a traveller and as a host. This is to ensure that travellers and hosts feel safe while travelling. This is also part of the process as a host to list your property and invite 50plussers to stay with you while traveling. The cost for this is a once off 25 Euros. Paid members of 50plus-skills will be entitled to a 50% discount on this fee. The cost of accommodation for travellers is varied and one can find the right host for your needs and budget. The fun part is being able to engage with the locals and experience travel at a more local level than a hotel can do.

Please look at the website and navigate some dream ideas you have for travel and to see what may be available. Read the travel guides section as well to gain some great ideas of what to see while travelling. We are looking for some volunteers to help write up some travel guides for South Africa. If you like to write and passionate about a specific part of the country, please let us know if you would like to use your skills and promote our beautiful country.

Click here to read up about the story behind this great idea.

Join us to travel, earn and become part of the share economy. A fun and cost-effective way to travel and meet new and interesting people.