Crowdfunding 50plus-skills R500 at a time

50plus-skills is a social enterprise, bringing together individuals over the age of 50 to build a community to engage in learning, serving and earning. Over the past ten years as I have coached and spoken to this demographic group many share the same medium-term vision. To try and continue to add value in their area of skill and wanting to make a difference to the future of our nation. As individuals this is not easy, but as a collective crowd we may be able to make a difference. The challenge always is how to fund such a vision.

This is the definition of crowdfunding on Wikipedia. Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from many people, typically via the Internet.

We have now been operational for just over 12 months and I would like to share ways in which the investment of our members is making a difference to their lives and the vision we collectively have for 50plus-skills.

Individual members have had the chance to:
• Attend workshops face to face and online
• We have created a place for members to share opportunities, ideas and learning
• They have a place to list their details, skills and what they are looking for. The system helps them to find one another.
• Some have found pieces of work
• Learning from their peers.
• Opening the opportunity for engaging with one another.
• Creating a range of safe places to volunteer and give back

Small companies and NPO’s who have joined have had the chance to:
• Engage with skills of older, generous individuals who want to volunteer
• An introduction to a group of highly skilled individuals who want to engage
• Engage in dialogue events around interest to civil society like education and mentorship
• Created a new place to engage to help facilitate change through capacitation.
• Their employees over 50 have joined our workshops.

What does 50plus-skills do with business:
• Offer an opportunity to prepare older employees for their next season through retirement or retrenchment
• A pool of experienced mentors, coaches and facilitators and many other skills.

Why do we have a paid membership base?

The collective funds from members pays for workshop venues, facilitators, refreshments, the building of our community platform, our social media time and platforms, designers, administrators and many other ad hoc expenses. We are grateful to friends and members who have contributed to this process in the first year.

Why not join this crowd-funding process? What value does R500 hold for you? Collectively as a business can you invest R500 per employee to help them navigate their next season? You may be investing for yourself, a parent, a friend, an employee, a client or even investing to bless a group of over 50 +individuals like teachers, nurses or others who would love to join but may not be able to spare R500.

Talk to us about this process or just go to and register.