50+ Skills Conference – Don’t retire- REFIRE

The Glenhove Conference Hub provided a scenic and comfortable venue for the first ever 50Plus-Skills conference which was held on 7 November and sponsored by Just, specialists in retirement funding.

Members and guests were welcomed to the conference by Lynda Smith, convenor of the conference and CEO of 50Plus-Skills who thanked the sponsors for their support and the representatives of the partner NPO’s for their attendance. She introduced the morning’s proceedings by providing information on the 50Plus-Skills organisation explaining that the average life span is expected to continue to increase, a fact which has given pause for thought to many retired or soon-to-be-retired people who are reassessing their views and options for life and work. Lynda explained that issues of finance and meaningful relevant futures have changed the way that people are approaching their later years with many opting for new career paths or for participation in voluntary work. Lynda concluded by providing a brief overview of the contribution that each of the presenters would make.

Kim Potgieter from Chartered Wealth Solutions encouraged everyone present to face their own personal financial reality whilst analysing their relationship with money and its role in their lives and to make plans accordingly – not only for augmenting income in later years but also to balance and fulfil their various life needs. She provided a wealth of information and referred us to her website for further resources: www.kimpotgieter.co.za

Jane McGregor from 50Plus-Skills introduced the panel of representatives from various Civil Society partners. Her message was that a sometimes forgotten facet of our lives that could be considered in later life could be that of giving back in some way, adding that volunteers are always needed to fill various roles in society and that the representatives present would explain how individuals could become involved. A panel discussion and questions followed during which it became clear that by giving back one is also most gratifyingly rewarded.
The panel members were:
Craig Rowe from CDR Equipping:
Robyn Whittaker from Partners for Possibility:
Tracy Feinstein from SADAG (South African Depression & Anxiety Group): http://www.sadag.org/
Dave Wilson from the National Mentorship Movement www.mentorshipmovement.co.za

After a brief break for tea, Lynda introduced Deane Moore from Just South Africa, who provided enlightening facts based on studies on longevity and trends and options for retirement funding referring to an enlightening survey that elicited the views of a sizeable group of people on their attitudes, plans and strategies for retirement funding.
The website for Just SA is: https://justsa.co.za/

Emma El-Karout, founder and CEO of One Circle HR explained that it is an on-demand online platform which connects professionals and businesses globally to perform work from anywhere in the world. Emma explained that the world of work is changing rapidly to that of the so-called ‘Gig Economy’ which is perfectly suited to those who choose to continue to work whilst enjoying the flexibility of working from wherever they are. Emma explained further that by using the online platform employers are paying for the wealth of experience that is available online:
The One Circle website is: https://www.onecirclehr.com

Peter du Toit joined the conference by Skype link. Peter is the founder of Future Work IQ, which specialises in providing the expertise and skills necessary to operate in the digital economy to be able to take full advantage of the opportunities for virtual work. The website is: https://www.futureworkiq.com/

At the conclusion of a stimulating and motivating morning, Lynda thanked everyone for their attendance and participation, encouraging everyone to make the best use of their experience and skills by taking advantage of the opportunities and technology available to make the bonus chapter of their lives as fulfilling as possible. A light lunch with the chance to meet and network with other attendees rounded off a wonderful conference of sharing for 50Plus-Skills members and guests. The 50Plus-Skills website is: https://www.50plus-skills.co.za/

This article was written by Elaine Persona, one of the 50plus-skills members who attended the event. Elaine is a writer and editor and can be contacted at elaine.persona@partnersintime.co.za