Vision 2020 for 50plus-skills

50 plus

We are 18 months in on building this community platform and want to thank all our members who have supported us to date. We broke through the 200-member barrier in December and have 17 NPO and 6 SMME members. Together we can achieve much more than we can on our own.

This is what we have planned to date for 2020

All members get to choose one free workshop per year of membership. In 2020 we will have two different workshops for you to choose from.

1. Navigating your life beyond 50
2. Communication, technology, social media and building a personal brand.

These workshops will take place every 2-3 months in central venues. Please register to attend a workshop once the dates are announced as they fill up fast and will be on a first come basis. Each workshop is a half day.

Zoom is a fantastic tool to manage online conversations and learning. It also means that it does not matter where you are, you can join the event. We will be doing several Zoom events each month. Watch out on the Closed Facebook Group and newsletters for details. We will cover learning of skills, personal inspirational stories and engage with our NPO members to understand what they do and how we can engage to help. There will also be ad hoc Zoom events.

We will start facilitating bi-monthly face to face dialogue sessions in the different regions. The dates and times of these events will be under the events section of the Closed Facebook group. We already have 4 dates up for February -Hartbeespoort Dam, Pretoria, Johannesburg East and Johannesburg West. More will be added soon.

We have added a new facility on the website. Go to the home page of our website and scroll down. We now have a rolling banner with featured members profiles displayed. These will change on a weekly basis. Please make sure that you have a photograph on your profile and that the first two lines of script on your “about me” section define who you are.

We want to encourage more members to join the Closed Facebook Group. Thank you to those who add opportunities, learning and well documented articles. This is the place to learn, connect and start to make your own personal connections around your set of interests. We are all different, have different skill sets, networks and needs and collectively much stronger than we are on our own. Just one great idea here can trigger you in a specific direction for your next season.

Thank you again to each member. We value you. We look forward to growth this year not only in member numbers, but depth of value to each of you.