50Plus-Skills Virtual Conference – Covid-19 – with JUST

We are all at a crossroads and needing to reimagine our future. Several macros trends were already in play before COVID arrived and this has just escalated the conversation and the need to act.

Our population across the industrialized world is aging to an extent never experienced before in history. We are now living 10 years longer on average than our parents’ generation and nearly two decades longer than our grandparents’ generation ” Executive Summary from Davos 2020 on Mercer’s Redesigning Later Life”

Technology is changing the way we work, connect and live. These new digital skills need to be learnt and practised to be able to activate the new opportunities on the horizon.

We may not have enough money, need to work longer, and yet struggling to find the right opportunities.

Our event on the 30th July is there to help you navigate a new pathway and to better understand the challenges and new opportunities on the horizon.

We have three speakers who will each share for 15 minutes.

  • Lynda Smith will be speaking about our lifespan, new life stages and navigating the next season 50+
  • Kim Potgieter will share what you need to do to virus-proof your money and manage your financial plan through a pandemic
  • Emma El Karout will share about mindfulness and the brain in relation to virtual work.

This event is sponsored by Just Retirement Specialists who will share some financial considerations for retirement in a time of COVID 19.

If any of the following are currently impacting your life, this is an event you should be attending.

  1. You are close to formal retirement
  2. You have just retired
  3. You have been retrenched
  4. You need to work for longer due to not having enough money
  5. You would like to engage and remain relevant into your next stage of life
  6. You would like to learn more about working differently in this season
  7. You are worried about your investments.
  8. You like to keep learning.
  9. You would like to discover a purpose for your next season
  10. You want to make a difference in South Africa.

This event takes place virtually on 30th JULY from 10h00 to 11h30 on ZOOM

To book your ticket please register here: https://qkt.io/HVVRFA

The cost is R150

For more information please email: info@50plus-skills.co.za