This is the first year that we enter a new year knowing that the world as we know it has gone. For most of 2020 we navigated our way around the COVID wave, learning to work, connect and live differently. The second wave at the end of the year certainly is there to remind us that we need to continue to live safely, build resilience and create a different future.

My Facebook newsfeed is filled with the loss of loved ones. The industries worst hit in 2020 started to see some light at the end of the tunnel late in the year and for many this light has now disappeared. Life and livelihoods are at an all time low. What and how do we plan in these circumstances?

I would like to suggest some ideas for 2021

  1. Use some time to take stock of your budget and finances and have a conversation with your financial adviser. We all have expenses that can be cut to take some pressure off in the short term.
  2. Declutter and simplify your life. Make sure your important documents are up to date and filed in a place easy to find by your loved ones. Have the difficult conversations.
  3. If you have a shortfall in earnings, start to build an extra income stream or two to meet your monthly commitments. In fact, do it even if you do not have a shortfall.
  4. Keep strong communication lines open with close family and friends.
  5. Learn new digital skills to help you communicate with friends, family and for work.
  6. Walk and move to strengthen and improve your physical health.
  7. Do a vision board to help you create and reimagine this year.
  8. Make sure your sleep patterns are consistent.
  9. Make time to pray/reflect and be quiet to calm yourself and build inner peace.
  10. Give more than you take and support those you can.

These points may seem simple and easy but are often the very things we avoid when there is stress around us. Take baby steps daily in the right direction and have a few close people you can connect with when the road is filled with challenges.

Our  faith, relationships, communities and families are intangible assets in a tough year. Stay connected and involved. It helps to build the mental capacity and resilience we need right now.

No matter what the future looks like, we can only control the things that we can do personally. Make this a year of taking back control of what is within your power and move forward one step at a time.