Through the journey of life, we reach cross-roads moments and learn lessons. This is the format we use for our 50Plus-Skills Story Hour. We run this each month, spotlighting 3 members who share some wisdom from their personal journey. The lessons learnt, inspiration and encouragement are the reason so many of our members enjoy these sessions. It is also about networking and opening ourselves up to new ideas for our next season of life.

Many thanks to our three members, Eleanor Scott, Jim Ward and Fiona Massey for sharing their stories about crossroads in their lives! We, the listeners often see parts of ourselves in others’ stories.

Enjoy this short summary from 3 amazing stories!

 Learnings they shared:

  • You win or lose by the way that you choose.
  • Spend time in faith, rather than fear.
  • It’s not about “the storm” – it’s about “how your sail is set and who you have in your boat with you”.
  • It’s not about what happens to me – it’s what happens in me.
  • It does not always work to work harder!
  • There is more to life than the corporate money-making career.
  • It’s important to question the impact of your work on your physical and mental health.
  • Obstacles in your path are often your own – you need to find ways to go around them and not over them.
  • Learn to let go of things that you have held onto too tightly.
  • Sometimes you need to accept that you need to repair and maintain yourself.
  • It is more blessed to give than to receive.
  • It’s fine to write for yourself and no-one else.

Things they appreciate:

  • Maintaining close ties with old friends and colleagues
  • Faith and love in Jesus
  • Opportunity to make a real difference to a handful of people.
  • The companionship, joy, love, purpose, possibilities, and learnings received from their animals.
  • Learning how to paint or write.
  • Learning from people a lot younger than themselves

Advice they give to others:

  • Find time to influence the “little people” in your lives.
  • Treat every day as a “gift” – that is why it is called the “present”.
  • In difficult and challenging times, instead of asking “why me?” ask “what now?”
  • Use your strengths to be of service in your communities.
  • Channel your energy into charitable pursuits.
  • Find ways to support a system from within
  • Remind yourself that you “are first the person” – don’t become so involved in your role, that you lose yourself.
  • Don’t let work destroy your outlook and balance in life.
  • Don’t promise yourself that which is out of your control.
  • Drive less, eat less, drink less and read more!
  • Sometimes it’s not your direction that needs changing, it’s your engine!
  • When you re-invent yourself, there comes a moment when you must decide what you are worth and to invoice for your time.
  • Only mentor your children on their request!

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