Today the 1st of March is our third birthday. We officially had our business registered and a bank account opened on this day in 2018. One never knows what the future holds. We have a dream in our head, some people that believe in what we desire to achieve and a vision to make a difference. Sustainability for a social enterprise is also a key driver.

Today three years later we celebrate that we have survived this past year and we believe have made a difference for our members. Our model has 4 main groups that work across the eco-system to bring relevance and meaning for individuals and communities. A community of individuals over 50, a range of NPO members and some SMME and Corporate partners.

A membership economy model needs the members to engage, build peer to peer relevance and collectively we emerge with each of us richer in knowledge, ideas, and possibility than if we try and tackle this on our own. It is all about relationships and a willingness to be curious, open minded and reimagine a future vastly different from the world our parents and grandparents experienced as they aged. We have been given an extra 10-20 years of life and this “gift season” needs to be designed and implemented. We need a place where we belong and find meaning.

Here are some of the activities we have done this past year.

  • We moved all our events online and taught our members how to engage with Zoom.
  • We helped 30 retired teachers find online tutoring work.
  • We held several Quiz events and raised funds for a few charities.
  • We worked with our NPO partner, SADAG to understand the mental well-being of our members.
  • We did some Travel conversations sharing wonderful places to visit in our beautiful land.
  • We worked with the Financial Planning Institute to do a workshop for educators close to retirement. Planning your next season, both financially and with life planning is key.
  • We held two events with JUST Retirement Specialists around Health and Wealth Fitness as well as working longer to ensure sustainability.
  • We engaged with The First Rand Group and their employees over 52 to plan and to discuss the opportunity for Second Careers.
  • Members held online sessions in their area of expertise.
  • We have had Story Hour with more than 25 members where they have shared a crossroads moment in their lives and lessons learnt. These sessions are such an inspiration and allow members the opportunity to reflect and open possibility.
  • We are not a recruitment agency, but the learning, engaging, and connecting opens the possibility for each member of what their future may look like. We each need to do the work in designing what this may look like for us personally. We believe our eco-system enables this process.
  • We have had more than 50 online events for our members.

We want to thank our members and partners for the support you have given us this past year. An eco-system works when there is commitment and engagement. We want to honour you for walking this journey with us. Our work is not possible with out the crowd funding, membership offering.

We invite anyone over or close to 50 who would like to join our community to do so by registering on our website via this link:  The membership is active for 12 months from date of registration. We would like to offer you a gift to join us this week and to celebrate our third birthday with us. Use this voucher code Birthday100 to receive a 20% discount off your membership of R500. You will only pay R400. Only valid until the 8th March.