Longevity is adding years to our lives. The World Economic Forum stated at Davos in 2020 that we will live on average 10 years longer than our parents and 20 years longer than our grandparents. What does that mean for each of us? This past year, through the COVID pandemic, many of us are questioning our purpose, work and what life has to offer.

What if you are asking yourself some of the following questions:

  1. What is my purpose when I leave my profession?
  2. Is it possible to live in another part of the world as part of an adventure?
  3. What if I can work from anywhere, where would I go?
  4. How can I volunteer in my area of passion in a different country?
  5. We are now empty nesters and would like to experience another culture.
  6. Can I live in two parts of the world?

South Africa may be one of the countries that you dream about visiting. A country that experiences big blue skies and a palette of colours in the sunsets.  Eight months of sunshine. A place where the animals roam free, the wine farms, golf courses and landscape are of the highest quality around the globe. This is a country rich in culture, landscape, and history. A place of opportunity where so much support is needed. A place where one can volunteer in your area of skill, while enjoying some of what this beautiful land has to offer. A new place to call home. Travel with purpose to experience the beauty and to experiment to understand what your future may become.

You may have questions about our land, the legal ramifications and what may be on offer. Why not join us on our webinar to engage and hear more details. Ask the questions that concern you and have your eyes opened to the opportunities that are possible.

We will cover the following in this one-hour discussion:

  • A Short video of our beautiful country
  • An overview of some travel with purpose ideas
  • An overview of what the property market looks like currently for over 50 buyers.
  • Some facts that you may be asking yourself in making this decision.
  • A time for Q and A

It is time to reimagine your world. A time to experiment with new ideas. A time to live fully. We invite you to join us on this journey.

The discussion will be facilitated by Lynda Smith, a thought leader for the over 50 market in South Africa and several guests who can add value and content from their fields of expertise.

Register here to attend:

South Africa: 17h00

United Kingdom: 16h00


Lynda leads and  in South Africa.

Julian Harcourts from   A UK marketing agency for the over 50 market

Rob Jones from  An expert in South Africa in the over 50 living space