There are several generations working together in our current workplace. Society is filled with young and old engaging with one another We often do not understand each other. How do we improve the communication and understanding? Working remotely has added another layer of complexity to this process.

Chip Conley in his book Wisdom@Work talks about being a MenTern. A combination of a mentor and an intern. He shares in his book about mentoring the young genius team that designed and built Airbnb and at the same time how he learnt from them about the changes happening in digital technology. He was both the mentor and the intern. I believe this to be a great model for each of us. It keeps us curious, learning and engaged.

We believe that designed small group discussions between a group of young and old can start to bring a better sense of understanding, communication, and solutions. We are stronger together.

Why not join us to test out this process?

This event will be taking place on Thursday, 2nd September on Zoom from 18h00 to 19h30. Please invite someone, older or younger than yourself to join this event.

This event will be hosted by 50Plus-Skills and CDR Equipping.

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Rebuilding our nation needs to look for new, innovative ways where young and old can work along side one another. We need the energy of the youth and the experience of the old to create a new path.