There are more than two
million skilled individuals
leaving formal employment
in South Africa.

Many are still young enough
and would like to be involved
in society through serving,
learning & earning.

The convergence of
technology & longevity
is changing the economic
landscape for all of us.

The future of our Nation
depends on building a
strong skilled workforce
using the skills of both
young and old.

Age diversity benefits economic growth.

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50 Plus-Skills is an online skills community that provides a platform for individuals, aged fifty plus, to connect with and provide their skills, time and services to business, civil society, academic institutions, NPOs and government.

  • We want to offer all employers the opportunity to empower their employees within five years of formal retirement with skills to earn, learn and serve.

  • We want to be a bridge between individuals and the social sector

  • We can offer each other opportunities to learn, earn and serve.

  • Lifelong learning for young and old

  • Finding co-generational solutions

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